Gene Vincent   Writed by Admin
Well, Be-bop-a-lula, She’s My Baby Be-bop-a-lula, I Don’t Mean Maybe Be-bop-a-lula, She’s My Baby Be-bop-a-lula, I Don’t Mean Maybe Be-bop-a-lula She’s My Baby Doll, My Baby Doll, My Baby Doll Well She’s.. Read »
  The Fugees   Writed by Admin
Strumming My Pain With His Fingers Singing My Life With His Words Killing Me Softly With His Song Killing Me Softly With His Song Telling My Whole Life With His Words Killing Me Softly With His Song This Is Wyclef, Re.. Read »
  Tommee Profitt   Writed by Admin
[Chester Bennington:] It Starts With One [Mike Shinoda:] One Thing I Don't Know Why It Doesn't Even Matter How Hard You Try Keep That In Mind, I Designed This Rhyme To Explain In Due Time [Chester Bennington:] All I.. Read »
  Doris Day   Writed by Admin
When I Was Just A Little Girl I Asked My Mother, What Will I Be Will I Be Pretty Will I Be Rich Here's What She Said To Me Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be, Will Be The Future's Not Ours To See Que Sera, Sera What.. Read »
  Ma Jiantao   Writed by Admin
Ni Shi Wo Weiyi De Zhizhuo Zhiyou Ni Neng Rang Wo Kuaile Ni Shi Wo Yisheng De Jituo Jiusuan Wei Ni Futangdaohuo Ruguo Wo Wangle Zenme Ai Ni Na Yiding Shi Wo Shiyi Hunmi Ruguo Wo You Tian Turan Liqi Na Yiding Shi Buxi.. Read »
  Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
When Your Legs Don't Work Like They Used To Before And I Can't Sweep You Off Of Your Feet Will Your Mouth Still Remember The Taste Of My Love Will Your Eyes Still Smile From Your Cheeks And Darling I Will Be Loving You.. Read »
  Sherly M   Writed by Admin
Wisseng Sa Daeng Engka Laing Riatimmu Wisseng Sa Daeng Engka Mupoji Laingnge Bateku Mappoji De'gaga Pa'gangkanna Bateku Mappoji De'na Gaga Laingnge Iya'ne Tau Mebbu Lasa Rialeku Mappoji Tau Engkana Pale Canrinna Iya'n.. Read »
  Joji   Writed by Admin
She'd Take The World Off My Shoulders If It Was Ever Hard To Move She'd Turn The Rain To A Rainbow When I Was Living In The Blue Why Then, If She Is So Perfect Do I Still Wish That It Was You? Perfect Don't Mean That It.. Read »
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
Across The Border They Turn Water Into Wine Some Say It's The Devil's Blood They're Squeezing From The Vine Some Say It's A Saviour In These Hard And Desperate Times You See It Helps Me To Forget That We're Just Born To.. Read »
  Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
I Took The Supermarket Flowers From The Windowsill I Threw The Day Old Tea From The Cup Packed Up The Photo Album Matthew Had Made Memories Of A Life That's Been Loved Took The Get Well Soon Cards And Stuffed Animals Pou.. Read »
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