Lady Gaga   Writed by Admin
Money Oh Love is just a history that they may prove And when you're gone I'll tell them my religion's you When Punktious comes to kill the king upon his throne I'm ready for their stones I'll dance, dance, dance W.. Read »
  Bradley Cooper Dan Lady Gaga   Writed by Admin
Tell me something, girl Are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there something else you're searchin' for? I'm falling In all the good times, I find myself longin' for change And in the bad times,.. Read »
  Lady Gaga   Writed by Admin
That Arizona Sky Burning In Your Eyes You Look At Me And, Babe, I Wanna Catch On Fire It's Buried In My Soul Like California Gold You Found The Light In Me That I Couldn't Find So When I'm All Choked Up But I Can't Fin.. Read »
  Nidji   Writed by Admin
If Kanye West Hit On You Would I Love You Like I Used To I Gocrazy Close To You Thinking To Be With Me Will Really Screw You If Kanye West Slept With You Would I Love You Like I Used To Do I Can Try To Save The World.. Read »
  Rihanna   Writed by Admin
You're Callin Me More Than Ever Now That We're Done Two Keys Back To My Place, We Were Havin No Fun But You're Not Ok, Telling Me You Miss My Face I Remember When You Would Say You Hate My Ways I Said Im Not Coming Back.. Read »
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