Pure Saturday   Writed by Admin
He’s Standing On Top Of The Rock Waving His Hand & Tell That The Game Is Over He Said; You Have Won Too Many Fights! Using Those Swords All The Times I Don’t Think It’s Time To Put The Weapons Down Th.. Read »
  Platinum   Writed by Admin
Ah Huh...iced Out Entertainment... Iced Out Records...in Association With The Streets History In The Making... In Conjunction With Everything That's Official [platinum] Yea, Nigga Wanna Start But We End It Right Here,.. Read »
  Pitbull   Writed by Admin
All It Takes Is, Some Voli On The Rocks Havana Brown Next Thing You Know Shes On Top Of The Bar No Clothes For Sure Afrojack She's Telling Me To Slow Down, I Live A Fast Life Funny Thing Is She Wasn't Saying That Last Ni.. Read »
  Pitbull   Writed by Admin
[verse 1] Yo, He Went From A Street Kid Doin Regular Street Things Straight To A Street King Takin Over The City, Block By Block Breakin Down Bricks, Servin Em Rock By Rock He's Everything A Young Gun Wanna Grow Up To Be.. Read »
  Orbit   Writed by Admin
The Carnival Came Through Today She Says I Know What I'll Be And I'm In My Head Again She Says Darkness Never Came For Me The Freaks They Walk By My Room One Day They'll Come And Call And They'll Take Me In And They'll.. Read »
  Olly Murs   Writed by Admin
I Can See Pouring Rain See My Future Heading For The Drain So Betcha Wondering Why I Got A Grin Permanently On My Face Stumbling Downhill Fast Wasting Time That I Just Don’t Have But Still I Got A Smirk Like I&.. Read »
  Kings Of Leon   Writed by Admin
With Hands In The Air You Look Like The Girl At The Fare With The Bubbly Eyes. Stonewashed Shoe Pulling At A Rock But The Rock Don't Compromise, Come Up To Me Say Why Are You So Skinny And Pretty For A Boy?, Said Thanks Fo.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
Luce - Long Way Down Houston, Come In Guys My Friends, We're Ok The Rocket's Lost, We're Floating Out In Space, Yeah It's Been A Long Day But We Got Away We Really Got Away And The Truth Is That We're Not Coming Back.. Read »
  Kara   Writed by Admin
Worship You, My Lord Until The Very End Worship You, My Lord Until The Very End Worship You, My Lord Until The Very End Chorus I Worship I Worship I Worship I Worship I Worship I Worship I Worship I Worship.. Read »
  Innocenti   Writed by Admin
You Stand On The Corner, Some Friends Laughing With Theor Bottles Music Play By The Groups I'm Sure You Know It This The Right Time For You And Me To Show It Is This A Perty Or What No Borders Between Us Tonite Stomp Your.. Read »
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