Ning Baizura   Writed by Admin
Please Don't Leave Me Now With All This Pain Cause You're Hurting Me Again And Again I Close My Eyes And Dream Away Here In My Heart There's An Empty Space Where You Used To Be Well I Can't Forget The Day That You Left M.. Read »
  Nina   Writed by Admin
I Don't Wanna Get You In The Summertime, Summer's Fine I Don't Wanna Get You Until All Your Dreams Come True Don't Wanna Kiss You If I Don't Know That You've Got It Made I Don't Wanna Know You Until All Your Dreams Come Tr.. Read »
  Nina   Writed by Admin
Someday You're Gonna Realize One Day You'll See This Through My Eyes By Then I Won't Even Be There I'll Be Happy Somewhere Even If I Cared I Know You Don't Really See My Worth You Think You're The Last Guy On Earth We.. Read »
  Night To Remember   Writed by Admin
Kini Kusadari Kaulah Separuh Jiwa Yang Tanpa Sadar Kutemui Dan Takkan Terganti Sampai Jantungku Ini Berhenti Dan Ku Mati Kawan ... Dan Jangan Pernah Ragu Tuk Berbagi Rentangkan Tangan Smua Kita Hadapi Bersama.. Kau.. Read »
  Ndx A.k.a   Writed by Admin
Ji Ro Ji Ro Lu Pat What’s Up Ndx A.k.a Familia Let’s Go Dancing And Singing With Ndx A.k.a And Friends Come On Ska Ska Skarepmu Masa Silam Yang Dulu Penuh Kenangan Telah Sirna Terbakar Api Egomu Dimanakah.. Read »
Hear The Birds, They Are Singing Feel The Sun, The Warm In Your Hand Look Up To The Sky, It’s Crystal Clear That’s Where Your Dream Begin Follow Where The Wind’s Blowing Listen To Your Heart Carefully.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
Till Then, My Darling Please Wait For Me Till Then, No Matter When It Will Be Someday I Know I'll Be Back Again Please Wait Till Then Our Dreams Will Live Though We Are Apart Our Love Will Always I Know We'll Keep In O.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
Some Day, When I'm Awfully Low When The World Is Cold I Will Feel A Glow Just Thinking Of You And The Way You Look Tonight You're Lovely, With Your Smile So Warm And Your Cheeks So Soft There Is Nothing For Me But T.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
I'm Not Surprised Not Everything Lasts I've Broken My Heart So Many Times, I Stop Keeping Track. Talk Myself In I Talk Myself Out I Get All Worked Up And Then I Let Myself Down. I Tried So Very Hard Not To Loose It.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
Don't Be A Baby, Baby By The Love That Pass You By But If You Have To, Baby Go Ahead And Have Your Cry I'll Be Your Baby, Baby Truer Than The One You Knew And Someday Maybe, Baby You Will Learn To Love Me Too.. Read »
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