Why Don't We   Writed by Admin
You Know Me The Best You Know My Worst, See Me Hurt, But You Don't Judge That Right There Is The Scariest Feeling Opening And Closing Up Again I've Been Hurt, So I Don't Trust Now Here We Are, Staring At The Ceiling I.. Read »
  Jay Sean Feat. Lil Wayne   Writed by Admin
[Intro: Jay Sean] Baby, Are You Down, Down, Down, Down, Down? Down, Down Even If The Sky Is Falling Down Down, Down (Ooh-ooh-ooh) [Verse 1: Jay Sean] You Oughta Know Tonight Is The Night To Let It Go Put On A Show.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
I See You're Forcing That Smile And It's Been A While Since You've Had A Break Oh, You Can't Get It Hard As Hard As You've Tried Things Ain't Going Your Way So, Baby Take My Hand 'cause I've Got A Plan To Get Us Straight.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
I Send Flowers Everyday But You Just Turn Them Away And My Letters Go Unanswered So It Seems Was I Just Too Blind To See That You'd Given Up On Me And It's Over Now Your Broken Heart Won't Mend Just One More Dance.. Read »
  Olly Murs   Writed by Admin
He's Right In The Crossroad So He Doesn't Notice Me I'm Staring 'cross The Room And So Is She Looking At You I Wonder, If There's Somewhere Else You'd Rather Be He Pays Her No Attention As He Takes Another Call I Just.. Read »
  Ran   Writed by Admin
Thank God It's Friday, Everybody Wants To Party. Why Don't We Go Funky? Dancing With You All Night, Yeah. Looking At Them Shorties, Maybe They Wanna Party With Me. Y'all Know What It's All About. Y'all Know What It's All A.. Read »
  Tokio Hotel   Writed by Admin
Come On! There Are Days When You Feel So Small And You Know You Could Be So Tall You Think You Got No Choice Look At The Earth Look What We Do Here And Now We Need You Silence Can Destroy Get Up And Raise Your Voic.. Read »
  The Boys Band   Writed by Admin
You Are Old Enough, And The Night Is Still Young, I Have All The Words On The Tip On My Tounge, I'll Say To Your Face What I Feel In My Bones, I Need You, Ooh Yeah, And I'd Feel Alive, Just To Be Where You Are, And I Know It'.. Read »
  The Beatles   Writed by Admin
Why Don't We Do It In The Road Why Don't We Do It In The Road Why Don't We Do It In The Road Why Don't We Do It In The Road No One Will Be Watching Us Why Don't We Do It In The Road Why Don't We Do It In The Road Why D.. Read »
  The Amity Affliction   Writed by Admin
Why Don't You Hang These Steps Upside Down We'll Walk Backwards And Feel The Blood Drain To Our Heads While Your Creeping Away Why Don't We Pull The Punches Back? And Perhaps Rebuild Those Severed Ties When I Felt You D.. Read »
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