Ruel   Writed by Admin
You came in swinging like Apollo I'll be feeling it tomorrow No, I ain't seeing straight, hyperventilate Knees begin to wobble You cut my brakes and hit the throttle I couldn't stop it if I wanted Dizzy silhouette, make.. Read »
  Evanescence   Writed by Admin
I've been believing in something so distant As if I was human And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness In me, in me All the promises I made just to let you down You believed in me, but I'm broken I have no.. Read »
  Paul Anka   Writed by Admin
Oh Carol, I am but a fool Darling, I love you though you treat me cruel You hurt me and you made me cry But if you leave me, I will surely die Darling, there will never be another 'Cause I love you so, don't ever leave.. Read »
  G Flip   Writed by Admin
He was ninety-one when he left this place The whole family flew in from out of state I didn't get to say goodbye because of you And all of my friends, they're growing up Some have got engaged, and some have got knocked up.. Read »
  Bts   Writed by Admin
Kkogkkog sum-eossdaga us-eumyeon natana Eodiseo on geolkka Geojismalhajima cheonsaga maj-janh-a Ni jeongchega mwoya But you Geu misoneun jan-inhada moshae Cruel Geu bol-eul mos bwass-eoya hae You Sasil jinjja wiheo.. Read »
  Got The Beat   Writed by Admin
You won't believe my dangerous Deo neujeobeorigi jeone You're my one and only remedy Ooh-woah, oh-oh Geuri meolji aneun geot gatae Jigeum nunape ssain risk Mundeuk imgyejeomeul neomgyeo hwik Baro boom-boom, boom teoj.. Read »
  Adele   Writed by Admin
I will leave my heart at the door I won't say a word They've all been said before, you know So why don't we just play pretend? Like we're not scared of what's coming next Or scared of having nothing left Look, don't g.. Read »
  Yerin Baek   Writed by Admin
You left me in this big world You surely knew that I'd be totally alone in this place People are together, they stare at me, "Where is he?" You left me with no choice So I chose the way of locking up the door So no one c.. Read »
  Toni Braxton   Writed by Admin
Don't Leave Me In All This Pain Don't Leave Me Out In The Rain Come Back And Bring Back My Smile Come And Take These Tears Away I Need Your Arms To Hold Me Now The Nights Are So Unkind Bring Back Those Nights When I Hel.. Read »
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