Mckenna Grace   Writed by Admin
Are you human? Or just programmed to deceive? If your skin was translucent, would I see cold blood underneath? Not really sure if you're human (human) Or just a heart killing machine (ah) 'Cause I'm tryna see if you ever.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
All The Air That We Breathe Enters You But Enters Me Deeper That Big Boat On Which You Float Does It In The Shallowest Of Waters Well You Lie Down, Sit, And You Stay I'm Tell Ing You There's A Better Way If You Open Up Your B.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
Luce - Untitled Michael Wants To Be A Writer, But Isn't Sure Where He Should Start So He Keeps His Number In His Pocket And He Keeps His Story In His Heart And Truth He Says Is In The Silence It's Inbetween The Ups And.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
Luce - Long Way Down Houston, Come In Guys My Friends, We're Ok The Rocket's Lost, We're Floating Out In Space, Yeah It's Been A Long Day But We Got Away We Really Got Away And The Truth Is That We're Not Coming Back.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
Luce - In The Middle There It Was A Dark Depressing Party Until She Came Into The Room She Wore A Neon-colored Vinyl Skirt That Brightened Up My View There Was A Mutual Attraction In A Woman And A Man But It Was Me Who.. Read »
  Luce   Writed by Admin
Banyak Cerita Tentang Cinta Di Dunia Yang Tak Pernah Sempurna Akhirnya Begitu Pilunya Begitu Harunya Andai Ku Bisa Merubah Semua Peristiwa Kan Ku Buat Semua Cerita Berakhir Bahagia Selamanya Malaikat Cinta Berbuat.. Read »
  Iwan Fals   Writed by Admin
Go Go Go Goyang Gaya Travolta Kaum Remaja Seperti Mince, Dince, Ance, Luce Mabok Disko Yang Merajalela Di Ibukota Lagi Lagi Gengsi Yang Mereka Tonjolkan Tante Tante Dan Si Om Senang Tak Mau Ketinggalan Di Jalanan Pu.. Read »
  Delon   Writed by Admin
I Pray Youll Be Our Eyes, And Watch Us Where We Go And Help Us To Be Wise, In Times When We Don't Know Let This Be Our Prayer, When We Lose Our Way Lead Us To The Place, Guide Us With Your Grace To A Place Where Well.. Read »
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