Jackson Wang   Writed by Admin
There was fallin' again I hear you callin' my name I want you You're the match and the flame Oxygen to the brain Yeah, I want you You already know The way you turn it on You're so electrical Come on I come alive.. Read »
  Jackson Wang   Writed by Admin
Don't ask why, why, why, why, why, why, why Ni wen wo daodi weisheme ai ni Da bu chulai bing bushi zai taobi What l'm saying, I'll be saying, oh Ganjue jiushifeels right Jieshi de chulai wo juede geng qiguai Not what.. Read »
Baby, Take My Hand I Want You To Be My Best Friend Cause You're My Iron Man And I Love You Three Thousand Baby, Take A Chance Cause I Want This To Be Something Straight Out Of A Hollywood Movie I See You Standing The.. Read »
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