Gryffin   Writed by Admin
Ooh I can hear your body talk Every word you're saying Your silhouette on the wall I think I like the game you're playing You're something irresistible Every move you're making Your lips so kissable Rhythm got my.. Read »
Then I woke up in love (woke up in love) Then I woke up in love Lately I've been losing these nights One more heartbreak and I'm done with this Shadows on the ceiling, they don't fight But I still argue for the hell of.. Read »
  Gryffin Feat Elley Duhe   Writed by Admin
Don't Lie, I Know You've Been Thinking It And Two Times, You Let It Slip From Your Lips You've Got Too Much Pride To Make Any Promises Thinking That We Got Time, And You Want To Keep It In I Want You Out In The Pouring.. Read »
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