Gotye Feat Kimbra   Writed by Admin
He Was Born In Big Beaver By The Borderline He Started Playing Hockey By The Time He Was Nine His Dad Took The Hose And Froze The Back Yard And Little Buddy Dreamed He Was Rocket Richard He Grew Up Big And He Grew Up Toug.. Read »
  Niki Feat. Rich Brian   Writed by Admin
Yeah Yeah, I'm Faded (ayy), Fake Faces I Erase 'em, California That Fragrance, Mad Payments Fake Places, California I Don't Wanna Be The One That's Left Behind I Love The Way You Lie Tryna Get My Money Bag Straight.. Read »
  Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow   Writed by Admin
Baby Back, Ayy Couple Racks, Ayy Couple Grammys On Him Couple Plaques, Ayy That's A Fact, Ayy Throw It Back, Ayy Throw It Back, Ayy And This One Is For The Champions I Ain't Lost Since I Began, Yeah Funny How You S.. Read »
  Celine Dion   Writed by Admin
There Were Nights When The Wind Was So Cold That My Body Froze In Bed If I Just Listened To It Right Outside The Window There Were Days When The Sun Was So Cruel That All The Tears Turned To Dust And I Just Knew My Eyes.. Read »
  Got The Beat   Writed by Admin
Incoming! You Must Step Back Eodil Eodil Bwa Neo Gamhi Nugurago Nal Jikyeo Ijjeumeseo Mulleonago Ip Danneun Ge Joeul Geol Anim Eodi Hanbeon Gieo Ollawa Bodeonga Neol Jjaksarangeul Haesseo Ni? Sokkup Jangnancheoreom.. Read »
  Niki   Writed by Admin
18, We Were Undergrads Stayed Out Late, Never Made It To Class, Uh Outer Richmond In A Taxi Cab You Were Sweating Bullets On The Way To My Dad's And Oh You Said, "Baby, Think We're Moving Too Fast", Ah-ah And I Swear T.. Read »
  Inna   Writed by Admin
I'm On The Road, Empty And Cold To A Distant Destination, I Don't Know Been Thinking About You, We Back In Days Of All It's Hard To Admit It, I Still Miss You, Miss You So Flashbacks Of Our Memories, The Past Is My Enem.. Read »
  Flash   Writed by Admin
[Verse] I Remember When I First Noticed That You Liked Me Back Teringat Aku Di Saat Aku Baru Menyadari Bila Ternyata Kau Juga Menyukaiku We Were Sitting Down In A Restaurant Waiting For The Check Kita Duduk Di Sebuah Re.. Read »
  Nct 127 Feat Korean Ver   Writed by Admin
Wonhaneun Geot Get ’em All Ajik Eopseo Maneun Buzz Doshim Soge Juingong Ct Ape N Butyeo [ty/mk] Urin Woneul Jjotchi Ana Be The One One One [ty/mk] Yeah Sel Su Eopneun Bam Nan Juingongi Dwae I Be Bangin’ With.. Read »
  Nct 127   Writed by Admin
Kasuka Ni Habataki Suru Butterfly Let Go Let Grow Let Spread Out Like A Water Drop Ripple Out In Waves Ima Koko Kara Hajimaru Rensa Chain! Reaction (hey) Hirogaru Rensa Chain! Reaction (yeah) Tsunagaru Rensa Kono Se.. Read »
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