Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
I came in for the embers And stayed out for the breeze I need to feel elements to remind me There's beauty when it's bleak Stuck out long before lights down When do I breathe? Oh, I know The more that I love, the les.. Read »
  Element   Writed by Admin
Aku mendengarmu untai kata cinta Tak tersingkap semua dusta Kau alirkan beribu alasan Untuk kecewakan aku Ternyata cinta tak selalu inda Reff: Bila kau hancurkan aku Di setiap langkahmu Lepaskan cintaku yang t'lah t.. Read »
  Nelly Furtado   Writed by Admin
It Is The Passion Flowing Right On Through Your Veins And It's The Feeling That You're Oh So Glad You Came It Is The Moment You Remember You're Alive It Is The Air You Breathe, The Element Of Fire It Is That Flower That Y.. Read »
  Odyssey   Writed by Admin
Zippin´ Up My Boots, Goin´ Back To My Roots, Yeah, To The Place Of My Birth, Back Down To Earth. I´ve Been Standing In The Rain, Drenched And Soaked With Pain, Tired Of Shortime Benefits And Being Exp.. Read »
  Macklemore   Writed by Admin
Yo, I'm Gettin Older Now 23 Years Old And Half Of Me Just Wants To Make The Move And Go And Settle Down The Other Half's Like, "hell No, You Better Mess Around. Don't Let Me Down, Especially When You Got An Album Comin' Ou.. Read »
  Macklemore   Writed by Admin
I Never Won The Spelling Be I Could Read People's Energy Listen To What Have Been Said To Me Heard The Voices In Elementary That I Wouldn't Amount To Anything Oh Girl She Used To Beg To Me Like If We Just Had A Nice Hou.. Read »
  Too Phat   Writed by Admin
Intro [warren G] You Know What? Play It Back A Little Lemme Hear What It Sound Like Real Quick [malique] That’s How You Do That Back In Long Beach Warren? Same Ish? [warren G] Same Ish [malique] Same Ish Wa.. Read »
  Hopsin   Writed by Admin
[intro/chorus] I've Been Feelin Down But Nobody Knows Oh Where Will I Go, Lord Where Will I Go Hey Ya, I Just Wanna Kill, I Just Wanna Kill Nobody Knows What I Feel, Nobody Knows What I Feel I Said I Just Wanna Kill, I S.. Read »
  The Law   Writed by Admin
Hey Pop Band Listen, Fuck Ariel From The Peterpan Come Here And Suck My Dick Bitch Imma Make You Understand You Played To Be A Singer But I Say : Fuck It Suara Lo Kayak Lonte Yang Dipakai Bolak-balik Ian Kasela, Lo Pa.. Read »
  Element   Writed by Admin
Baru Terpikirkan Betapa Hampa Diriku Setelah Dirimu Tak Lagi Jadi Kekasihku Dan Semua Itu Salahku Tlah Menyia-nyiakan Cintamu Tak Pernah Kuduga Betapa Ku Menginginkan Kasih Sayangmu Yang Dulu Tetap Jadi Milikku Semaki.. Read »
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