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Lirik lagu bon jovi - lirik-lagu.net
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
Across The Border They Turn Water Into Wine Some Say It's The Devil's Blood They're Squeezing From The Vine Some Say It's A Saviour In These Hard And Desperate Times You See It Helps Me To Forget That We're Just Born To.. Read »
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
It's Hard For Me To Say The Things I Want To Say Sometimes There's No One Here But You And Me And That Broken Old Street Light Lock The Doors We'll Leave The World Outside All I've Got To Give To You Are These Five Wor.. Read »
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
This Ain't A Song For The Broken-hearted No Silent Prayer For Faith-departed And I Ain't Gonna Be Just A Face In The Crowd You're Gonna Hear My Voice When I Shout It Out Loud It's My Life It's Now Or Never But I Ain.. Read »
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
This Romeo Is Bleeding But You Can't See His Blood It's Nothing But Some Feelings That This Old Dog Kicked Up It's Been Raining Since You Left Me Now I'm Drowning In The Flood You See, I've Always Been A Fighter But.. Read »
  The Dance Company   Writed by Admin
Papa Memang Harus Begini Sering Bikin Sakit Hati Papa Ga Pulang Beibeh Papa Ga Bawa Uang Beibeh Papa Mungkin Seminggu Di Bali Nyari Panggung Sana Sini Papa Ga Pulang Beibeh Papa Ga Bawa Uang Beibeh Bukan Alasan 't.. Read »
  Cash Cash   Writed by Admin
So Be My Jersey Girl I Know You're A Jersey Girl Inside Four Am At Diner Stop Singing Livin' On A Prayer I'm Thinking Maybe You're A Jersey Girl With All Those Highlights In Your Hair No Other Girl Can Move Like You.. Read »
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