Pitbull   Writed by Admin
I Know Ya'll Listen To My Music (redd Eyez) But What I'mma Do Know Is Try And Describe My Life To Ya'll [pitbull:] Sometimes I Fell Like I'm Loosing It My Life Is Upside Down A Gift And A Curse That's My Life Now There.. Read »
  Olly Murs   Writed by Admin
My Heart Skips Skips Skips, Skips Skips Skips A Beat [verse 1] I Can See You’re Not Yourself Even When You’re Here With Me I Know That You So Well So Put Another Record On Kiss And Leave Me On Nothing R.. Read »
  Karina   Writed by Admin
Sick Man Grinding Hard Hard To Switch Lanes Aviators Deprivated Ain't Ate In Six Days Had A Belief And We Team Never Believe In Me Begin To Be Misleading Had The Shift Changed You Niggas Shit Brain Cause You Believe An.. Read »
  Kara   Writed by Admin
Princes And Paupers Sons And Daughters Kneel At The Throne Of Grace Losers And Winners Saints And Sinners One Day Will See His Face Chorus And We'll All Bow Down Kings Will Surrender Their Crowns And Worship Jesus.. Read »
  Eminem   Writed by Admin
[verse 1] I Stuck My Dick In This Game Like A Rapist They Call Me Slim Roethlisberger I Go Bezerker Than A Fed-up Post-office Worker A Merk Her With A Mossberg I'm Pissed Off Get Murdered Like Someone Took A Ketchup Squ.. Read »
  Ailee   Writed by Admin
Don?t Make Me Fight Deoneun Hwanage Mandeulji Ma Don?t Upset Me Anymore I Ssaume Kkeuteun Eodikkajiilkka Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh When Will This Fight End, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Don?t Make Me Cry Nae Nunmureun Ijen Mot Chama I.. Read »
  Winner   Writed by Admin
(oh, You Are So Special) We Make It Something I Bameul Duri, Hwaryeohan Byeoldeul Geu Saireul Sunohgo Isseo Wonhandamyeon Tell Me Neoui Sumi, Gakkawojilsurok Jjarishae Yeah Oneulttara Yunan Tteoreo Meorien Museu No,.. Read »
  Winner   Writed by Admin
Bami Doemyeon Eogimeobsi Chajaoneun I Neukkimi Waenji Wonmangseureowo Gwaenhi Tto Jeonhwa Georeo Bwa Neodo Nawa Gateun Maeumilkka Bwa Na Jigeum Senchihae Cheonjangman Barabwa Amugeotdo Eomneun Batange Geurim Geuryeo.. Read »
  Winner Feat Japanese Ver   Writed by Admin
Really Really Really Really Oh Oh Really Really Really Really Kimi Wa Iru Ka Na Chikaku Ni Kitan Da Sukoshi Aeta Nara Tsutaetai Kotoba Ga Aru Yo Ima Nante Kiridashite Ii Ka Mayou Kedo Sunaona Ki Mochisa Kiraku Ni Kiite.. Read »
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