Tommee Profitt   Writed by Admin
[Chester Bennington:] It Starts With One [Mike Shinoda:] One Thing I Don't Know Why It Doesn't Even Matter How Hard You Try Keep That In Mind, I Designed This Rhyme To Explain In Due Time [Chester Bennington:] All I.. Read »
  Bruce Dickinson   Writed by Admin
For Too Long Now There Were Secrets In My Mind For Too Long Now There Were Things I Should Have Said In The Darkness I Was Stumbling For The Door To Find A Reason To Find The Time, The Place, The Hour Waiting For.. Read »
  Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
I Took The Supermarket Flowers From The Windowsill I Threw The Day Old Tea From The Cup Packed Up The Photo Album Matthew Had Made Memories Of A Life That's Been Loved Took The Get Well Soon Cards And Stuffed Animals Pou.. Read »
  Treasure   Writed by Admin
Neoreul Bon Geu Sungan Salmi Meomchwosseo Nae Simjangi Gyesok Neomaneul Wonhanikka Neoran Yeonghwa Sok Juingongeun Na Jangreu Romaentik Komidi Subaek Beon Yeonseuphan Honjanmal Ne Apeseon Gojang Na Neol Notchilkka Nan.. Read »
  Gotye Feat Kimbra   Writed by Admin
He Was Born In Big Beaver By The Borderline He Started Playing Hockey By The Time He Was Nine His Dad Took The Hose And Froze The Back Yard And Little Buddy Dreamed He Was Rocket Richard He Grew Up Big And He Grew Up Toug.. Read »
  Bon Jovi   Writed by Admin
It's Hard For Me To Say The Things I Want To Say Sometimes There's No One Here But You And Me And That Broken Old Street Light Lock The Doors We'll Leave The World Outside All I've Got To Give To You Are These Five Wor.. Read »
  Superman Is Dead   Writed by Admin
Good Night, Good Night, My Little Angel Good Night, Good Night, My Little Ones Spread Your Wings And Fly Away To Your Dreams When You're Asleep, I'm On Your Side When You're Awake, I'll Be There Still Close Your Eyes, Pu.. Read »
  Harris J   Writed by Admin
When I Learnt For The First Time I Know My Heart Wasn't Prepared For Just How Much You'd Mean To Me But Allah, How I Know Now That A Life Without You There Is Like A Bird Without Its Wings You Are The One In My Life.. Read »
  Wings   Writed by Admin
Di Dalam Gerimis Penuh Rahmat, Dia Tersentuh Cendawan Alpa, Sesegar Pagi, Yg Permai Damaikan Tunggul Di Pinggir Rimba Lantas Mendambarkan Kisah Sempurna Dari Jiwa Bakal Surinya Di Dalam Kelambu Menunggumu, Dia Kesal.. Read »
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