Pearl Jam   Writed by Admin
Oh, Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be? The Lord Took Her Away From Me She's Gone To Heaven, So I Got To Be Good So I Can See My Baby When I Leave This World We Were Out On A Date In My Daddy's Car We Hadn't Driven Very Far.. Read »
  Roxette   Writed by Admin
In A Time Where The Sun Descends Alone I Ran A Long, Long Way From Home To Find A Heart That's Made Of Stone I Will Try, I Just Need A Little Time To Get Your Face Right Out Of My Mind To See The World Through Different.. Read »
  Yusuf Islam   Writed by Admin
Morning Has Broken Like The First Morning Blackbird Has Spoken Like The First Bird Praise For The Singing, Praise For The Morning Praise For Them Springing Fresh From The World Sweet The Rains New Fall, Sunlit From Heav.. Read »
  Nct 2021   Writed by Admin
You're The Most Important Person In Your Life So Be Yourself Be Beautiful Geu Nugungaui Saleul Dalgi Wihae Godanhan Harul Bonaetdeon Geudae Jami Deul Ttae Haengbokaji Antamyeon Moduga Baran Kkumeul Jjochabwado An.. Read »
  Diana Ross Feat. Westlife   Writed by Admin
I Want To Call The Stars Down From The Sky I Want To Live A Day That Never Dies I Want To Change The World Only For You All The Impossible I Want To Do I Want To Hold You Close Under The Rain I Want To Kiss Your S.. Read »
  Julia Michaels   Writed by Admin
Ooh Ooh Ooh Love's My Religion But He Was My Faith Something So Sacred So Hard To Replace Fallin' For Him Was Like Fallin' From Grace All Wrapped In One He Was So Many Sins Would Have Done Anything, Everything For Hi.. Read »
  Rihanna   Writed by Admin
Uh Huh, Uh Huh Yeah, Rihanna Uh Huh, Uh Huh Good Girl Gone Bad Uh Huh, Uh Huh Take Three, Action Uh Huh, Uh Huh, Hov No Clouds In My Stones Let It Rain, I Hydroplane In The Bank Comin' Down At The Dow Jones When T.. Read »
  The Kodaline   Writed by Admin
Tell Me, Tell Me That You Want Me And I'll Be Yours Completely, For Better Or For Worse I Know, We'll Have Our Disagreements Be Fighting For No Reason, I Wouldn't Change It For The World 'Cause I Knew, The First Day That.. Read »
  Jewel Kilcher   Writed by Admin
You Took Your Coat Off And Stood In The Rain, You Were Always Crazy Like That I Watched From My Window, Always Felt I Was Outside Looking In On You You Were Always The Mysterious One With Dark Eyes And Careless Hair, Yo.. Read »
  Boz Scaggs   Writed by Admin
Outside The Rain Begins And It May Never End So Cry No More, On The Shore A Dream Will Take Us Out To Sea Forevermore, Forevermore Close Your Eyes And Ami And You Can Be With Me 'Neath The Waves, Through The Caves Of.. Read »
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