Air Supply   Writed by Admin
I know just how to whisper And I know just how to cry I know just where to find the answers And I know just how to lie I know just how to fake it And I know just how to scheme I know just when to face the truth And the.. Read »
  Doja Cat   Writed by Admin
By Walk on by, walk on by Walk on by, walk on by Yeah, bitch, I said what I said I'd rather be famous instead I let all that get to my head I don't care, I paint the town red Bitch, I said what I said I'd rather be.. Read »
  Kota The Friend   Writed by Admin
Yeah, I smile big lately They talkin' crazy, I don't really give a shit lately Look at my bank account like how I let that shit faze me? I got some power if everyone in your crib hate me My wife cheat, I'm just grateful f.. Read »
  Pamungkas   Writed by Admin
[Verse 1] Birdy in my heart That wants flock it back Maybe it's too noble, as your body double We can't seem to be seen as a being or sad tambourine Maybe it's for the best for everyone, light's off, rest now Yeah (Yea.. Read »
  Taylor Swift   Writed by Admin
Rain, he wanted it comfortable I wanted that pain He wanted a bride I was making my own name Chasing that fame He stayed the same All of me changed like midnight My town was a wasteland Full of cages, full of fences.. Read »
  Alicia Keys   Writed by Admin
Some people live for the fortune Some people live just for the fame Some people live for the power, yeah Some people live just to play the game Some people think That the physical things Define what's within And I've.. Read »
  Alicia Keys   Writed by Admin
Some People Live For The Fortune Some People Live Just For The Fame Some People Live For The Power, Yeah Some People Live Just To Play The Game Some People Think That The Physical Things Define What's Within And I've.. Read »
  Alicia Keys, Usher   Writed by Admin
There's Always That One Person That Will Always Have Your Heart You Never See It Coming 'cause You're Blinded From The Start Know That You're That One For Me, It's Clear For Everyone To See Oh Baby, Ooh (yeah, Uh, Uh, Uh).. Read »
  Novita Dewi   Writed by Admin
This Is For My Girls All Around The World, Who Have Come Across A Man That Don't Respect Your Worth, Thinkin All Women Should Be Seen Not Heard, So What Do We Do Girls, Shout Out Loud, So What Am I Not Supposed.. Read »
Spiderman, Spiderman, Does Whatever A Spider Can Spins A Web, Any Size, Catches Thieves Just Like Flies Look Out! Here Comes The Spiderman. Is He Strong? Listen Bud, He's Got Radioactive Blood. Can He Swing From A.. Read »
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