Chanyeol Exo   Writed by Admin
Nan Eonjenga Bicheul Bon Jeogi Isseo Geu Bicheun Du Nuni Busil Mankeum Challanhi Dagawa Nareul Bureun Geol Gieokhae Maeil Bam Jamdeulji Moshan Sigan Su Manheun Saenggagi Millyeodeulgo Kkeuteopsi Nareul Samkin Saebyeog.. Read »
  Exo   Writed by Admin
Whoa Yeah, Hmm Yeah Gateun Naraye Taeeonaseo Gateun Eoneoro Mareul Haeseo Cham Haenguniya Cham Dahaengiya Sesange Dangyeonhan Geon Eopseo Gwaenchaneun Oseul Ibeotteon Nal Geureoke Neoreul Mannatteon Geon Lucky Na C.. Read »
  Michael Buble   Writed by Admin
Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away If You Can Use Some Exotic Booze There's A Bar In Far Bombay Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away Come Fly With Me, Let's Float Down To Peru In Llama Land There's A On.. Read »
  Pitbull   Writed by Admin
A 1980 Exodus Of 125,000 Dreams, A Quest To Find Out What Freedom Really Means At Any Cost. Boat Loads Of Cubans Lost In A Maze Of Red Tape And Hate, Entered This Country Through The Bottom Of The United States And Straight.. Read »
You Know I'm Back Like I Never Left Another Sprint, Another Step Another Day, Another Breath Been Chasing Dreams, But I Never Slept I Got A New Attitude And A Lease On Life And Some Peace Of Mind Seek And I Find I Can.. Read »
  Slank   Writed by Admin
Elo Punya Mata Cocaine Kelakuan Rohypnol Garuk-gatuk Gatel Putaw Ribut-ribut Rese Bk Reff: Kemana Aja Lo Hari Gini Masih Gitu Otak Aktif Sabu-sabu Mulut Ngoceh Lexotan Mata Melek Mata Inex Ketinggian... Samber G.. Read »
  Dj Tiesto   Writed by Admin
You Can Travel The World But You Can?t Runaway From The Person You Are In Your Heart You Can Be Who You Want To Be Make Us Believe In You Keep All Your Light In The Dark You Can Be Searching For Truth You Once Look In The M.. Read »
  Air   Writed by Admin
Everyone Dated The Demise Of Our Neighborhood From The Suicide Of The Lisbon Girls. People Saw Their Clairvoyance In The Wiped-out Elms And Harsh Sunlight. Some Thought The Torture Tearing The Lisbon Girls Pointed To A Simp.. Read »
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