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  Neck Deep   Writed by Admin
Take It Slow, Tell Me All How You've Grown Just For Me, Could We All Reminisce? Better Yet, Here's A Pen, Make A List Fill It Full With All The Things I've Missed 'Cause I Can Barely Drive Past The School Without Stoppi.. Read »
  Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
I Took The Supermarket Flowers From The Windowsill I Threw The Day Old Tea From The Cup Packed Up The Photo Album Matthew Had Made Memories Of A Life That's Been Loved Took The Get Well Soon Cards And Stuffed Animals Pou.. Read »
  Pearl Jam   Writed by Admin
Oh, Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be? The Lord Took Her Away From Me She's Gone To Heaven, So I Got To Be Good So I Can See My Baby When I Leave This World We Were Out On A Date In My Daddy's Car We Hadn't Driven Very Far.. Read »
  Big Star   Writed by Admin
O My Soul, Mama I Lose Control Go Ahead And Shake If You Wanna And I'll Never Know Well, Come On You Know It's Alright We've Got All Night You're Driving Me Mad, Now You Shouldn't Do That We're Going To Get On Up An.. Read »
  Bts   Writed by Admin
Yunanhido Banjjagyeossdeon Seoul Cheoeum Boneun Tto Dareun Sesang Ttame Jantteuk Baen Chae Mannan Neon Mwonga Isanghaesseossdeon Ai Nan Dareseo, Neon Byeoreseo Uri Daehwaneun Sukje Gatatji Haruneun Bepeu, Haruneun Wen.. Read »
  One Direction   Writed by Admin
Goin' Out Tonight, Changes Into Something Red Her Mother Doesn't Like That Kind Of Dress Everything She Never Had She's Showin' Off Drivin' Too Fast, Moon Is Breakin' Through Her Hair She's Headin' For Somethin' That She.. Read »
  Jamie Miller   Writed by Admin
I Remember The Day Even Wrote Down The Date, That I Fell For You (mmhm) And Now It's Crossed Out In Red But I Still Can't Forget If I Wanted Too And It Drives Me Insane Think I'm Hearing Your Name, Everywhere I Go But I.. Read »
  Boywithuke   Writed by Admin
Yeah, I Can't Do These Long Drives Sittin' In The Back Seat Thinkin' 'bout That One Night When The World Caught Fire, Baby And Your Eyes Brightened Up This Dark Scene You Told Me I Would Be Fine, I Called You A Liar We.. Read »
  Bbno$ & Rich Brian   Writed by Admin
Balls Hangin' Low While I Pop A Bottle Off A Yacht Chain Swangin', Cling Clang And It Cost A Lot Bitch, I'm Always After Guala, Yeah, And You Are Not Badass B, Keep On Goin' 'til You Hit The Spot, Woah I'm A Big Bag Hunte.. Read »
  Drive   Writed by Admin
Tak Mungkin Menyalahkan Waktu Tak Mungkin Menyalahkan Keadaan Kau Datang Di Saat Ku Membutuhkanmu Dari Masalah Hidupku Bersamanya Semakin Ku Menyayangimu Semakin Ku Harus Melepasmu Dari Hidupku Tak Ingin Lukai Hatimu.. Read »
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