Bts   Writed by Admin
Cause Ah, Ah, I'm In The Stars Tonight So Watch Me Bring The Fire And Set?the?night Alight Shoes On?get Up In The Morn Cup Of?milk Let’s Rock And Roll King Kong Kick The Drum Rolling?on?like?a Rolling Stone Sing?so.. Read »
  V Bts   Writed by Admin
On My Pillow Can't Get Me Tired Sharing My Fragile Truth That I Still Hope The Door Is Open 'Cause The Window Opened One Time With You And Me Now My Forever's Falling Down Wondering If You'd Want Me Now How Could.. Read »
  Bts   Writed by Admin
You Can Call Me Artist (artist) You Can Call Me Idol (idol) Anim Eotteon Dareun Mwora Haedo I Don?t Care I?m Proud Of It Nan Jayurobne No More Irony Naneun Hangsang Nayeossgie Songaragjil Hae, Naneun Jeonhyeo Singye.. Read »
  Olly Murs   Writed by Admin
Come On Come On, I'm Right, I'm Wrong And When I'm Wrong I Say. We Always Had The Good And Bad And That Will Never Change. This Is The Closest, I've Ever Been Oohh Yeah. The Give, The Take, The Mend, The Break, And.. Read »
  Rivermaya   Writed by Admin
Nobody Knows Just Why We're Here Could It Be Fate Or Random Circumstance At The Right Place At The Right Time Two Roads Intertwine And If The Universe Conspired To Meld Our Lives To Make Us Fuel And Fire Then Kno.. Read »
  Ramengvrl   Writed by Admin
First, I’m No Good At Payin’ Attention I Don’t Even Know You How You Send Me Dms And Expect To Make Relations Well Me And My Boy’s An Exception I Dont Like Chit-chat Man I Dont Even Like You Man.. Read »
  Jpcc Worship   Writed by Admin
You Can Breathe All The Stars You Can Hush The Raging Storms Yet You Formed Me And You Called Me By My Name You Can Walk On The Ocean Part The Sea And Halt The Sun Yet You See Me And You Hear My Every Cry I Surrender.. Read »
  Sholawat   Writed by Admin
Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidnan Nabi Sidi Muhammad Amin Khubtsi Habibin Nabi Sidi Muhammad Amin Khubtsi Habibin Nabi Ahmadukallahumma Hamdan Mustam.. Read »
  Dj Sammy   Writed by Admin
Why Why How Many Times Do I Have To Try To Tell You That I'm Sorry For The Things I've Done But When I Start To Try To Tell You That's When You Have To Tell Me Hey... This Kind Of Trouble's Only Just Begun I Tell Mysel.. Read »
  Anggun C. Sasmi   Writed by Admin
Take Away The Dark Clouds From The World You See Clear The Haze Around Us Please Don't Rain On Me Tear The Page Of Your Doubts From The Words You Speak Chase That Pain On Your Brow Life Can't Be So Bleak I Could Follow.. Read »
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