Ai Khodijah   Writed by Admin
Natawassal bil Hubabah, Wal batuulil mustathobah. Wannabiyy tsumma shohaabah, fa'asaa da'wah mujaabah. A'dzomu zzaujaati qodro , qod talaqqot minhu amro. Khathobat ahmadu bikra, ghanimat minhu syababah. Ma lahaa qod anfaq.. Read »
  Staind   Writed by Admin
Trying to let go, but you won't let me So I'm closed off, hating all I see Play the victim so carelessly You're addicted to uncertainty Uncertainty You bring out the lowest that I have in me I feel the chaos and the.. Read »
  Sean Paul   Writed by Admin
Oh, oh, oh, ohh Oh, oh, oh Girl, I got you so high, and I know you like So come and push it on me, if it feels alright When you drop it low, and break me off No, she doesn't mind-ind She doesn't mind-ind She doesn't.. Read »
  Sleep Token   Writed by Admin
Well, my love is an animal call Cutting through the darkness, bouncing off the walls Between teeth on a broken jaw Following a bloodtrail, frothing at the maw These days I'm a circuit board Integrated hardware you cannot.. Read »
  The Boyz   Writed by Admin
Yeah, shocking roar Don't call me like that Agiran geol nuga jeonghae Yongmangeul meomchujido mothan Yeongwonhi yongseobatji mothan jonjaeran Geumjidoen geoseul kkumkkune, ooh Mukkin nae sonbareun jayureul galguhaenne.. Read »
  Nct 127   Writed by Admin
Incoming! Strike while the iron's hot Heojeomdeuri boin spot Ppajim eopsi shot To the next we step on, what? Mundeuk nan stop and watch Siseon dwiro imi jinachin goji closed it Hancham jeone kkaebeorineun border Deu.. Read »
  Labrinth   Writed by Admin
Ooh, ooh Ooh Ooh, ooh 9 mm, strapped with that heat (what?) Vampire slayer, stake's on me (ooh) Bow and arrow, call me chief Cherokee (ooh, ooh) I'll go animal to keep you next to me (ahh) When you lay me down in (.. Read »
  Dayak   Writed by Admin
Bara Bihin Jadi Dia Sanang Bara Metuh Kue Bapacaran Aku Tuh Hatue Pangangguran Jatun Ma Inna Katatapan Gawian Tapi Ikau Tatap Ih Bajuju Maharap Cinta Jie Bara Aku Kasa-kasai Kau Murik Ngaju Nyamah Maetun Pundutan Ama.. Read »
  Glass Animals   Writed by Admin
[Intro] (Last Night, All I Think About Is You Don't Stop, Baby, You Can Walk Through Don't Want, baby, think About You You know That I'm Never Gonna Lose) Road shimmer Wigglin' The Vision H.. Read »
  Ed Sheeran   Writed by Admin
I Took The Supermarket Flowers From The Windowsill I Threw The Day Old Tea From The Cup Packed Up The Photo Album Matthew Had Made Memories Of A Life That's Been Loved Took The Get Well Soon Cards And Stuffed Animals Pou.. Read »
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