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Lirik lagu anggun c. sasmi - lirik-lagu.net
  Anggun C. Sasmi   Writed by Admin
To The Road I Did Take Trembling As The Ground Shakes Under My Feet Cracked In A Stone Heal Never Ending Motion Way Across The Ocean Into Your Devotion Long Have I Gone So Far From My Home Chorus: What To Do With This.. Read »
  Anggun C. Sasmi   Writed by Admin
Thank You For Blessing The Road I Walk On That I'm Walking On I'm Sorry For Every Mistake I Fall On Can't Help But Fall You've Changed This Heart In Me And I Know, I Can Always Count On You To Give Me The Signs In.. Read »
  Anggun C. Sasmi   Writed by Admin
De Toutes Les Langues De Toutes Couleurs Je Comprends Les Mots Que Tu Graves Sur Moi En Frissons De Landes En Flots De Chaleur Au Pays De Ma Peau A La Plume De Tes Doigts Une Terre ?trang?re O? Je Suis Chez Moi Un.. Read »
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