Lirik lagu Arkarna The Future's Overrated
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Right Now I'm All Alone, Tell Me Who's Gonna Take The Blame,
It's Easy To Shout About But Nothing's Gonna Ease The Pain
It Wont Be The Same Without You, It Wont Be The Same Without You,

There's No Reason Why You Had To Go, I Did What I Could,
Looking Back Now I Realise, You've Got To Go While The Going's Good,

It Wont Be The Same Without You (times 5)
The Future's Overrated

Chorus: Time Made Man A Timebomb, We Could Die Anyday, Who Knows What The Futures Holds Lets Have Our Fun Today, Man Made Time A Timebomb, The Hours Slip Away,
Dry Your Tears - For A Rainy Day.

Remember The Fun We Had When You Came To Stay,
Turns Out That You've Gone For Good, Now I Wish My Days Away
It Wont Be The Same Without You (times 7),
I Just Can't Move On.

Repeat Chorus
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