Lirik lagu Arkarna Block Capital
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One Stolen Breath Within The City Falls, Inhale The Future You Could Have It All, It's Such A Nuclear Waste But It Sees Me Through,
Don't Follow Me Cause I'm Lost Too.

Chorus: These Words I Scream In Silence, I Don't Fit This Shoe, With A Passion Building Up Inside The Bite I Could Not Chew, It's Always Something For Nothing,

I've Got A High Rise Block Inside My Head, I Hate To State The Obvious But Nothing Is Said, Pollute You Lungs And Your Mind Will Follow, Time Decays Until It's Over,
Repeat Chorus
Intoxicated Sanity, The Fabric Of Society, I Need Someone To Stand By Me, What's Done Is Done, Just Let Me Breathe,
These Words I Scream In Silence, With A Passion Building Up Inside...
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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