Lirik lagu Sore She's So Beautiful
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She's So Beautiful, She's So Beautiful

She Wakes Me Up With The Sun In Her Eyes
Every Morning, A Warm Surprise
She Makes Me Laugh, She Makes Me Sing
She Gets Me Dancing, She Has Me Swinging

She's So Beautiful, She's So Beautiful

I'm Sailing The Seas On A Breeze, Not A Cloud In The Sky
I Know Where I'm Going
I'm Driving For Hours And Hours On End In My Car
But I'm Not Getting Closer
And I Never Will
Forever Climbing Mountain

Roaming The Streets On A Beat And Her Voice In My Head
Never Feeling Lonely
I'm Rocking Her Boat, Let Her Float, Let Her Drifting Away
I Don't Need No Answers
They're All In My Head
I Have Got No Questions

Walkin' On Roses, I'm Whistling I'm Loving The Sun
I'm Swimmin' In Wine, And I Know That She's My Number One
I'm Drowning In Happiness, I Know That I'm Losing My Head
My Heart Is Singing For The Finest Girl I've Ever Met
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