Lirik lagu Case Conversate
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Oh Yeah, Ooh

I Know Every Now And Then
We Will Have Our Problems
I Know Sometimes We Won't See
Eye To Eye, Baby
Don't Think I'm Gonna Sit Here And
Let You Turn Away
Cause Happy Is Where I Wanna Make You, So I Gotta Know

1 - Tell Me Can We Conversate
So We Can Get To Learn Each Other
I Don't Think That We Should Wait
If This Is A Forever Thing
I Know We Made A Few Mistakes
And In Return We Hurt Each Other
We Really Need To Conversate
If This Is A Forever Thing

At First I Wasn't Serious
About You And Me
And In Return Me And My Boys
Played The Field Ran The Street
Because Of You I've Changed The
Man In Me, I'm Sincere
Now Happy Is What We Gotta Be So I Gotta Know

Repeat 1

Love Was Right In Front Of Me
I Was So Blind Baby I Couldn't See
Now I Really Know For Sure
Now I'm Ready To Be Serious

Repeat 1 Till End
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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