Lirik lagu Unknown Wtc-little Girl
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(background Music-finding It Hard To Believe Were In Heaven)

It's Been A Year Daddy
I Really,really Miss You.
Mommy Says Your Safe Now
In A Beautiful Place Called Heaven

We Have Your Favorite Dinner Tonight.
I Ate It All Up!
Even Though I Don't Like Carrots.

I Learned How To Swim This Summer.
I Can Even Open My Eyes When I'm Under Water.
Can't You See Me?

I Started Kindergarden This Year.
I Carry A Picture Of Us In My Blue's Clue's Lunch Box.
You Are The Greatest Daddy.

I Can Swing On The Swing By Myself!
Even Though I Miss You Pushing Me.
Can't You See Me?

I Miss How You Used To Tickle Me.
Tickle My Belly
My Belly Hurts

I Try Not To Cry..
Mommy Says It's Ok.
I Know You Don't Like It When I Cry.
You Never Wanted Me To Be Sad.
I Try Daddy But It Hurts
Is It True Your Not Coming Home?
Maybe Someday I Can Visit You In Heaven,ok?

It's Time For Me To Go To Bed Now.
I Sleep With The Light On In Case You Come Home And Kiss Me Goodnight.
I Love You So Much
I Miss You Daddy.
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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