Lirik lagu Anggun Saviour
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Somewhere Between My Sleep
Somewhere Beneath My Skin
In Places I Can`t See
Something Is Known To Be A Sin

Hiding Inside My Eyes
Burning From Deep Within
Something That Needs A Lie
Trying To Turn Into A Sin

Rescue Me Before I Lose Control
Rescue Me From This Fire In My Soul
There`s Only You Who Can Stop Me From Falling
I Need A Saviour, Need My Saviour

Rescue Me Before I Lose My Head
Rescue Me From The Sight Of Regret
Cause Only Your Love Can Stop Me From Wanting
I Need A Saviour, You`re My Saviour

Knocking Behind My Door
Asking To Be Let In
Something I Have Ignored
Wanting To Be A Sin

It`s Been Around For So Long
And Waiting To Begin
I Know That It`s So Wrong
Can`t Let It Be A Sin

Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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