Lirik lagu Rihanna Rehab
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(feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

[verse 1:]
Baby, Baby
When We First Met
I Never Felt Something So Strong
You Were Like My Lover
And My Best Friend
All Wrapped Into One
With A Ribbon On It
And All Of A Sudden
When You Left
I Didn't Know How To Follow
It's Like A Shot
That Spun Me Around
And Now My Heart Left
I Feel So Empty And Hollow

[pre Chorus:]
And I'll Never Give Myself To Another
The Way I Gave It To You
Don't Even Recognize
The Ways You Hit Me
Do You?
It's Gonna Take A Miracle To Bring Me Back
And You're The One To Blame

And Now I Feel Like, Oh
You're The Reason
Why I'm Thinking
I Don't Wanna Smoke All
These Cigarettes No More
I Guess This Is What I Get
For Wishful Thinking
Should've Never Let You Into My Door
Next Time You Wanna Go On And Leave
I Should Just Let You Go On And Do It
It's Not Usual Like How I'll Leave
It's Like I Checked Into Rehab
Baby You're My Decease
It's Like I Checked Into Rehab
Baby You're My Decease
I Gotta Check Into Rehab
'cause Baby You're My Decease
I Gotta Check Into Rehab
'cause Baby You're My Decease

[verse 2:]
Ain't It Crazy
When Your Love Slams?
You'll Do Anything
For The One You Love
'cause Anytime
That You Needed Me
I'd Be There
It's Like
You Were My Favorite Drug
The Only Problem Is
That You Was Using Me
In A Different Way
That I Was Using You
But Now That I Know
That It's Not Meant To Be
You Gotta Go
I Gotta Win Myself Over You

[pre Chorus:]


[ad Libs]

Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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