Lirik lagu The Beatles Ooh! My Arms
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Rodney Burke: That Was A, A Little Richard Number That The Boys Rather Like And Hope You Liked It, "ooh! My Soul." And, Ooh, My Arms! We've, We've Just Flown In To Manchester Here From London To Record This Show. Ha, Ha. Well, It's, Ha, Ha, It's Good To See You Again, Fellers, In These, Er, Foreign Parts. How Are You?
John: Oh, Great!
George: Very Well, Thank You.
Ringo: Oh, Great, Yeah, It's Just Fine.
Paul: Yeah.
Rodney: Well, What Are You Doing At The Moment, By The Way?
George: Ah, We're Playing In Liverpool At The Moment And We've Never Been There Months, You See, So It's--
Ringo: It's Good To Be Back.
Paul Yeah, It's Great!
Rodney: Anybody Over There Like A Request That You Can Do Right Now?
George: Well, We'll Do A Request For Everybody.
Paul: Yeah.
Rodney: Good, What Do You Suggest?
George: Er, "don't Ever Change," One Of The Oldies.
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