Lirik lagu Tompi No More
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Hey Baby Can�t You See,
This Is What U Did To Me
I�m So Far From Joy;
I Don�t Want To Be Your Toy

My Heart Keeps Telling Me,
I Should Be With You
No More I Want To Get Out,
From This Misery,
Don�t Know What To Do

Everyday I Spent My Time With You.
So Depressed
Having All Regrets.
The More I See Your Face
Just Can�t Take It Any More.
I Love To Stay Away
From Your Over Sense Of Self

Driving On The Highway
Seeking Means From Time To Time

Some Might, Say,
Bizarre Is What You Are.
But I Believe Time Can Change It All.
You�re Just A Simple Girl With A Special Kind Of Life.
Unsure Of Everything.
Going Nowhere With Your Mind
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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  Tompi   Writed by Admin  290x     Friday, 03-05-2019
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