Lirik lagu Air I Wanna Be
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I Woke Up This Morning With Thousand Hopes
Try To Forget All About The Past Time
That Make Me Cried
I Don't Wanna Be Sad Again

He Turned Away My Whole Life
Blew Up My World And I Could Not Escape
Now I Can See The Truth
Shining Out On My Life

Take Me To The New World
And Bring Back My Paradise
Help Me To Wash Away My Tears
Give Me A Second Chance To Ride
I'll Build My World
And Break Down The Chains

I Wanna Be A Star....
I Wanna See The World Smile On Me
I Don't Care What People Think About Me...
I Don't Care

I Wanna Be A Star....
I Wanna Reach The Sky And Smile
I Can Have My Good Time And Start My Life...
Without You
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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