Lirik lagu Mary Jane Goodbye
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Open A Scarlet Envelope
Stuffed With A Poem And A Good Bye Note
Twenty Dollars Doesn't Do Any Good
But Maybe It Will When You're Not Eating Food
A Pocket Knife In The Back Of Your Jeans
A Backpack Filled With Broken Dreams
Black Sneakers Slapping On The Ground
It's Such A Shame That I Can't Hear The Sound

You Know I'd Walk A Million Miles
Just To See An Honest Smile (chorus)
But I Can't Travel All That Far
And Smiling True Is Just Too Hard

Sinister Thoughts Run Through My Mind
But I Can Wait Until Next Time
I Sit Here Staring At The Blue
I Know I'm Lost But So Are You
It's Not Really All That Fair
That I Can't See Your Shining Hair
It's Not Really All That Dumb
It's Better Than Being Numb


So Why Are You Doing This, Again?
Why Am I Losing You All Over Again?
Why Am I Flooded With Tears Again?
Why Am I Sobbing So Loudly Again?
Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why
Tell Me Why
Tell Me

Go Find Yourself In A Puddle Of Mud
Go See Your Reflection Like You Should
Deserve Yourself In Many Ways
Live And Love All Of Your Days
I Know You Won't Be Here For Long
And Maybe That's Why I Write Stupid Songs
All I Can Do Is Watch You Leave
Watch You Leave
Watch You Leave….
Download aplikasi lirik lagu terlengkap Disini (Android)

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